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Over the years, thousands of Masonic artifacts had been cataloged and archived by the Minnesota Masonic Historical Society and they needed a home. The museum in the Town Square of the existing Masonic Home campus was not of adequate size to house all of the pieces and many were being kept in storage, not available for viewing by the general public. A rare book collection (that now features 5,000 volumes of books and resources) would also find a home in the space in a small, contextual library.

Like the museum artifacts, over time many theatre drops had been amassed from other lodges and due for restoration. Several drops had come from across the country. The large volume of available drops would mean that the building would need a stage house big enough to accommodate as many drops as possible within the tight constraints of the site. The final number of line sets came to more than 90 with spacing only 3" on center.

The center now serves as a working tribute to fulfill two purposes: to serve as an inviting community gathering space and to educate the greater public about Minnesota Masonry.

  • Client:Minnesota Masonic Home
  • Location:Bloomington, MN
  • Features:New Masonic Center with Lodge, Museum, Theatre, and Breakout spaces
  • Square Feet:47,169