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Kings Crossing Apartments at Frogtown Square provides affordable housing for seniors in the heart of Saint Paul’s University Avenue. It’s Episcopal Homes of Minnesota’s third HUD-subsidized residence. Developed in Partnership with NEDU, a coalition of neighborhood organizations, Frogtown Square is an innovative model of community revitalization that has transformed the formerly blighted corner of University Avenue and Dale Street.

Acclaimed by former HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan as some of the finest in the county, the facility combines 50 independent living units above commercial retail space in the active area of the Frogtown neighborhood.

The design has an Art Deco traditional flare with terra cotta stamped panels on the largely monochromatic exterior façade. Inside, the common areas further reflect the style in intricately designed ceilings and trim. A generous terrace space off the second-floor community room offers residents a place to relax outside and view the busy street from a different perspective. By employing geothermal HVAC and participating in the Xcel Energy Design program, the project is estimated to reduce annual energy costs by more than 35%, relative to the baseline energy code.